911 Seminars believes that knowledge can save lives if we use what we learn and take positive action. Our motto is When you learn, teach!

Our goal is Saving Lives Through Education. Our mission is cultivating the wisdom of self-reliance.

Our training center provides on-site emergency life-saving and safety training for schools, senior residences, businesses and community organizations such as sports teams and clubs. Our certified instructors have trained people from all walks of life in CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodbourne Pathogens, Sports Safety and many other safety topics.

We are committed to helping families protect their loved ones. For this reason we provide free workshops for parents and grandparents in Choking Maneuvers, Infant & Child CPR, the New Flu Etiquette, How to Prepare for Disasters and How to Teach Your Children to Avoid Dangerous Situations and People.

Bullying and exclusion are a perennial challenge for every child, making our schools unsafe and compromising the ability of our children to succeed in school, in their careers and in future relationships. 911 Seminars is an authorized training center for No Bully the nationally respected non-profit with the mission of making schools bully free. We are proud to announce our programs in Solution Team® and Solution Coach®, the new best practices in solving bullying in schools.

911 Seminars also provides the resources that people need to be safe. We are pleased to add the brand new Flu-Buster Armband to our list of products and services. Help your family stop catching the flu germs by using this common sense approach.

If your family, school, business or organization would like to find out more about our training, our products and/or our free workshops, we invite you to contact us.

On behalf of the entire staff of 911 Seminars, we congratulate you on spending the time and effort to increase your knowledge in health and safety issues.

We wish you success in all that you do,
911 Seminars

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